A tent supports poetry and the distance

Warm spring breeze and warm sunshine.The season suitable for camping has arrived. From “Outdoor Barbecue” to “Boiling Tea in a Stove”. Go to ‘Set up a tent and watch the stars’ again. The camping scene has been constantly updated. A tent supports poetry and the distance. Exploding the weekend’s “Moments”

The popularity of camping has brought about a surge in outdoor products. Located in the Hankou North Small Commodity Market in Huangpi District, multiple outdoor product stores are experiencing a hot sales period. Tents, awnings, meal mats, barbecue racks, cassette ovens, folding chairs, small carts, star lights, small sound boxes, igniters… every conceivable camping equipment is available here. Many customers come to experience, consult, and purchase.

When building overly complex tent structures, it can be quite difficult, so more and more consumers are looking for the comfort and convenience of camping. Currently, the most popular tent on the market is the hand thrown tent, which is very convenient to open and can sell over 100 on weekends. “said Geng Liming, the person in charge of Wuhan Ruyun Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. in Hankou Beishanhu.

New equipment for camping strollers – “camping trailer”

It is also a hot topic in procurement

Recently, Ms. Xu, a citizen, and her companions

Take advantage of the sunny weather

Rush to Hankou North to purchase camping trailers

Ms. Xu, a citizen, said, “I am planning to set up a canopy by the Fuhe River on the weekend and have a close encounter with nature with my children. However, I am missing a camping car. The Hankou North Market has met my needs and the product is very satisfactory

Get close to nature and stay away from densely populated areas

Camping with a small travel radius focused on local areas

Becoming the first choice for citizens’ leisure and entertainment activities

Huangpi has numerous treasure camping sites

Full of atmosphere

Also pressed the accelerator button for the ‘camping economy’

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