The Survival Handbook-Essential Skills for Outdoor Adventure

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Anyone venturing into the wilderness-whether for an overnight camping trip or a lengthyexpedition-should understand the basic
principles of survival. Knowing how to survive in a particular situation will allow you to carry out the correct beforehand preparationchoose the right equipment (and learn how touse it)and practice the necessary skills.While you may be able to start a fire using a lighter,for examplewhat would you do if it stopped working? Equallyanyone can spend a comfortable night inside a one-man bivy shelterbut what would you do if you lost your pack? The knowledge gained through learning the skills of survival will enable you to assess your situation, prioritize your needsand improvise any items of gear that you don’t have with you.

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having taught survival skills for manyyearsi have learned that four elements must be in place for a survival situation to have the chance of a positive outcomeknowledgeability the will to survive, and luck.While knowledge and ability can be learnedthe will to survive is hard-wired into our survival mechanism and we may not know we possess it until we’re put to the test.For examplepeople who were fully trained and well-equipped have given up hope in survivable conditions,while others,who were lesswell-prepared and ill-equipped
have survived against all odds because they refused to give up.


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