Fully automatic rainproof tent outdoor

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The main bracket of the quick opening hand throwing tent is made of super tough PMMA material, with its strong toughness and elasticity, allowing you to easily set up the tent with just a flick. Even children can easily complete it, making it no longer difficult for you to build the tent. Adopting a double door structure to enhance air convection and ensure ventilation of the tent, allowing you to bid farewell to stuffiness. And paired with high-density mesh air windows. It also has various functions such as mosquito prevention, breathability and ventilation, lighting and scenery appreciation. On scorching summer days, as long as you have a tent, you can enjoy the scenery with peace of mind and comfort.


Open the curtains of the front and rear doors to form a continuous ventilation channel, which can not only dissipate heat and be breathable but also provide sun protection and shade. Mosquito prevention mode. Both doors are equipped with mesh, which is tightly and meticulously breathable to prevent mosquitoes and insects. In summer, camping outdoors in the yard provides shade and allows you to enjoy the beautiful starry sky. Rainproof mode.Fully enclosed rainproof mode, even sleeping outdoors at night in such a tent.Security display desktop in the bedroom at home.


  • Length:78.74in
  • Width:59in
  • Heigth:53.14in
  • Weight:6.6lbs
Weight N/A

Beige, Blue, Camel, Green, Yellow


5mm, 8mm


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