Insight into the Marketing Strategy of Outdoor Camping Tent Brands

The domestic outdoor industry is showing an overall recovery trend, with the rise of the camping economy, significantly driving the growth of the camping tent market. Camping tents, a trendy camping equipment, are gradually expanding in market size. According to industry research forecasts, the market size of camping tents is expected to grow to 9.113 billion yuan by 2026. In addition, in recent years, with the introduction of favorable policies and increased support for the camping industry, the camping tent industry has ushered in development opportunities.

However, the camping tent industry also faces constraints in its development process. Firstly, the phenomenon of homogenization of camping tent products is severe, which makes it difficult to stimulate consumers’ purchasing impulses and restricts the camping industry market from obtaining higher overall profits. Secondly, the camping economy has not emerged for a long time, and the market development is not mature enough. Camping tent brands often experience improper handling in terms of safety, infrastructure, and public camp management, resulting in a significant loss of customer base. Over time, the camping tent market will show signs of sluggish growth.

The camping tent market is in a new era of the camping economy, with an effective release of market demand and huge potential for brand growth. Camping tent brands can leverage marketing efforts to increase their market share. Knight Kangsai has insight into the possibility of upgrading the marketing of camping tent brands and summarized the following marketing insights:

Segmenting consumer groups and positioning differentiated demands

Woman inside orange tent wearing head light and looking at burning flame during camping in the woods

The consumer base of camping tent brands is widely distributed, with men, women, old and young being the core target audience of camping tent brands. It is recommended that camping tent brands segment target consumer groups, relying on a rich product matrix, targeting the diverse application scenarios of camping tents, accurately positioning the tent demands of different consumers, following consumption trends such as “comfort” and “refinement”, providing suitable tent product choices, successfully increasing consumer willingness, and driving rapid sales growth of tent products.

Accelerate brand “breaking the circle” and penetrate multiple circles of people

The acceleration of the camping tent brand’s “breaking the circle” helps to stimulate consumer interest, strengthen the identification of various consumer groups with the brand, explore potential customer groups from multiple circles, increase the user penetration rate of the camping tent brand, and ultimately smoothly increase brand exposure, enhance brand reputation, and expand the communication and influence of the camping tent brand. Camping tent brands can take various forms such as cross-border cooperation and IP co-branding, deeply penetrating multiple circles of people. Taking Mugaodi as an example, the company has conducted multiple cross-border collaborations with Shanghai International Auto Show, and Strawberry Music Festival, and launched joint tents with the anime “Swaying Camping △”, breaking through the “dimensional wall” and successfully winning the love of young consumer groups.

Utilize social media platforms to output high-quality marketing content

With the popularity of social media marketing, camping tent brands can quickly occupy the marketing highland of social media platforms, outputting high-quality marketing content in various forms such as videos and soft articles on popular social media platforms such as Xiaohongshu and short videos. Brands should be guided by the user needs of “getting close to nature, leisure and entertainment, and social interaction”, identify brand positioning points, build distinctive brand concepts, output potential marketing content online, quickly highlight the attributes of camping tent brand products, create a good brand impression, occupy consumer minds, and overcome the problem of low brand repurchase rate.

Wild luxury life has become a pursuit, and camping tent brands should quickly seize market development opportunities, relying on the upgrading of product layout and marketing system to drive a steady increase in brand sales and obtain considerable profits. Netcom has been deeply involved in the field of internet marketing for 15 years, customizing personalized digital marketing solutions for thousands of large and medium-sized enterprise customers, helping the brand achieve sustained growth. Netcom will continue to pay attention to the development trends of the camping economy and expand the marketing and upgrading space of camping tent brands.

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