A Tent Supports the “Billion Billion Market” and “Camping Plus” to Drive New Scenes of Outdoor Sports Consumption

Why is camping so popular? Why is “camping+” on the trigger?

Camping was originally just a niche lifestyle for hikers or outdoor enthusiasts. But with the control of the epidemic in previous years, many long-distance tourism has been replaced by peripheral and suburban tours. The leisure and personalized characteristics of camping have quickly gained a soil for rapid growth, and more and more modern urban people are starting to drive private cars to get close to nature, feeling the “micro vacation” mode that can be easily opened without the need for various holidays.

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How big is the camping market? It is understood that many products such as tents, awnings, folding chairs, and picnic mats have monthly sales exceeding 10000 yuan. According to the “2022-2023 China Camping Industry Research and Benchmark Enterprise Analysis Report”, the core market size of China’s camping economy reached 113.47 billion yuan in 2022, and is expected to reach a new high this year.

The continuous popularity of camping and the increasing demand for camping related products have also brought new business opportunities in the hundreds of billions of markets. According to Tianyancha data, there are over 121000 camping related enterprises in China as of now. Among them, in 2022, there were over 33000 newly registered enterprises, with a growth rate of 39.6%; From the growth rate of newly registered camping related enterprises in the past three years (2020 to 2022), the average growth rate in the past three years has reached 33.3%.

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