2023 Outdoor Camping Tent Recommendation – What kind of tent is suitable for camping? What kind of tent doesn’t make a dent

Due to the epidemic, camping activities have become much more popular than before. I believe we have known how popular they are since this year’s Qingming Festival. And in camping activities, there is a camping item that everyone must know, yes, it is a tent. So today we will talk about how to choose a tent and avoid pitfalls.

Before explaining, let’s leave some questions: 1. Is it necessary to buy a four-season tent? Do you really need to go to a lighter tent? 3. Are waterproofing, wind resistance, and breathability all important? Do you want to find a well-built or fully functional one?

Of course, I will tell you all the above questions. I hope this article can objectively showcase the advantages and disadvantages of each introduced product as much as possible. If there are any different opinions, friends are welcome to correct them

Required reading before entering (dry goods knowledge)

Here, we will try to tell friends the basic knowledge they want to know as easily as possible.

Do tents really need seasonal tents?

In fact, there are many types of tent classifications, but those that come into our ordinary sight are roughly divided into three-season tents and four-season tents. Simply put, the Four Seasons Tent, also known as the Mountain Tent, is one of the key reasons for professional campers to focus on warmth when dealing with spring, summer, autumn, and winter, especially winter. So, generally, camping is only in urban parks, there is no need to buy a Four Seasons tent.

In a nutshell, if you are a hiking enthusiast or a mountaineer, a lightweight tent is indeed necessary. But now the friends who are rushing into the camping camp are mostly camping around the city or in campsites, usually mainly on self-driving trips, so there is no need to pay too much attention to the weight of the tent.

Waterproof, wind-resistant, and breathable performance

Waterproof, many businesses actually enjoy writing articles here. Simply put, there are many types of tent fabrics, but to be waterproof, most rely on coatings. So directly look at what the merchant has labeled as waterproof 4000mm or PU2000mm, as long as the value is higher, the fabric will be better waterproof. But! Don’t be too superstitious, after all, in addition to waterproof fabric, tents also need to be glued at the seams, which depends more on the manufacturer’s workmanship.

Wind resistance, this point still needs to be mentioned. Most wind-related accidents during camping are caused by improper human operation. The angle of the ground nail, the degree of wind rope tension, and the determination of wind direction all greatly affect the wind resistance of the tent. Even if it is as stable as a pyramid tent and the wind rope is not tightened, it will still swing back and forth. In addition, the material of the tent poles also has a certain impact. For camping in urban parks, more fiberglass poles are used, while for more professional ones, aluminum alloy materials are used.

Ventilation and breathability, in my personal opinion, are the most easily overlooked aspect. There is no tent without condensation (or condensation, which is caused by water droplets hanging on the top of the tent due to the temperature difference between inside and outside), but ventilation and breathability can minimize the formation of water droplets as much as possible. Of course, it can also be reduced through tent structures, such as double-decker tents.

What kind of tent is truly suitable for you?

Having said so much, what kind of tent is more suitable for you

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